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    #Tunesday: Christmas PLUS

    Can you believe Christmas is this weekend!? Where did 2016 go… It was a very eventful year to say the least… Before we welcome the new year (2017… say what now),…

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    CP’s Cookie Guide: Chicago Edition

    Anyone who knows me knows that cookies are the key to my heart. Whether they’re classic chocolate chip, sugar cinnamon, or even bacon chocolate, I accept all cookie types. I’m on…

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    Holiday Reading List 2016

    Happy Holiday season!!  I have been very M.I.A. this past week… but I have resurrected from Finals Week hell. Thirty pages of research, five final exams, and two presentations later… and…

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    #OutfitDiary: 11.1.16

    Why hello there! Welcome back. As you know, I like to think of my website as #MyDigitalDiary, filled with entries of my latest musings, from reading lists to travel guides to…

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    Your Fall Reading List 2016

    The season of fall is all about sweater weather. You know, that perfect cool temperature that makes you want to curl up by the fire, sip hot chocolate, and get lost in…

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    #Tunesday: Your October Playlist

    Happy October! Fall is officially here people!!! Ok yes, I’m a little bit excited… fall is my favorite time of the year (even though I haven’t experienced a real fall in…

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    10 Desserts You Must Try in Los Angeles

    Hello, hello, hello, dessert lovers… this post is for you. Los Angeles is the current city I call home..  I love the constant sunshine, active lifestyle, and not to mention… the…

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    The Best Street Food in Soho, London

    Food trucks, stands, and stalls are popping up all over the country, making street food as trendy as choker necklaces.  I always loved street food because it’s authentic, creative, and reasonably priced. While I was…

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    7 Accessories You Must Try This Fall Season

    Happy Saturday! Is it really almost September? Where did the time go… As I watched all my friends return back to college, I found myself stuck at home, waiting another month until my university…