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    #Tunesday: New Year, New Music

    January hits and all you seem to hear is: “New Year, New Me!” Cue the eye roll… Instead of trying to change yourself into a “New You,” how about deleting the…

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    #Tunesday: Christmas PLUS

    Can you believe Christmas is this weekend!? Where did 2016 go… It was a very eventful year to say the least… Before we welcome the new year (2017… say what now),…

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    #Tunesday: Your October Playlist

    Happy October! Fall is officially here people!!! Ok yes, I’m a little bit excited… fall is my favorite time of the year (even though I haven’t experienced a real fall in…

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    #Tunesday: Welcome to August

    The summer always seems to fly by… One day you’re taking that last final exam you pulled an all-nighter for and the next day you’re packing up your bags to head right…

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    My May Music Playlist

    It’s officially my favorite month of the year…. MAY! May has always been my favorite month for many reasons (the main one being my birthday month… so ok, I might be a little biased…

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    Discover: New Music for 2016

    2015 was another great year in music, filled with chart-topping newcomers and A-List seasoned regulars. It was a year full of Taylor Swift Shakin’ It Off, Justin Bieber saying Sorry, One Direction giving a temporary farewell…

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    Discover: Noelle Bean

    Welcome to my new Discover feature! I always love finding new artists- from friends, family, blogs, or even the Browse feature on Spotify- so I’ve decided to dedicate a place on…

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    Michael Morales Article for Local Wolves

    Meet film creative Michael Morales in my article for the March issue of LOCAL WOLVES MAGAZINE. Click here to read the full article. Check out more of Local Wolves Magazine: Website:…

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    Tunesday: A Playlist for Any Mood

    Welcome back from the long President’s Day weekend, full of hearts, roses, and fifty shades of nudity on the big screen (if that’s how you decided to enjoy your Valentine’s Day…).…