8 Ice Cream Shops You Must Try in Los Angeles

Sadly summer is coming to an end… AUGUST IS TOMORROW PEOPLE! Where did the time go? With one month left of summer, I’ve been splurging on all of my favorite summery treats…well mostly ICE CREAM. Don’t get me wrong… who says we can’t eat ice cream all year long? The answer is no one. So don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t eat ice cream in the dead of winter with a wind chill that makes it feel like -60 degrees outside (I’m from Chicago so no I’m not being dramatic). I will still be standing in my parka and scarf holding a cone of ice cream (maybe not…). So in honor to celebrate the last month of summer, it’s time to get around to the best ice cream shops in LA. From vegan to soft serve to even ice cream tacos, here are 8 of the best (and most Instagrammable I must say) Ice Cream shops in LA:


For those of you who live in Portland or LA, you definitely have heard the name Salt and Straw. There is ALWAYS a line out front, so be prepared to wait. But trust me, it’s definitely worth the wait. The flavors are so unique (Black Olive Brittle and Goat Cheese to say the least) but you’ll be so pleasantly surprised even with the weirdest sounding flavors about how rich and delicious each scoop is. (My Fave: Salted, Malted, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough)


Jeni’s Ice Cream is my favorite ice cream shop in LA. All the flavors are so delicious, it’s hard to have just one scoop when I go in (try more like three…). I love how they still give you pieces of the cone even if you go for a bowl. Every scoop is so smooth and flavorful, you can’t go wrong with what you choose – flavors include Gooey Butter Cake, Supermoon, Goat Cheese with Red Cherries, Brown Butter Almond Brittle, and Key lime Buttermilk. (MY FAVE: Brambleberry Crisp)


You’re probably thinking…why is this ice cream black? That’s one of the reasons why you see Little Damage all over Instagram (great aesthetics). Little Damage is in downtown LA and serves one of the best soft serves in town. I always do a whole lot of damage whenever I stop in because I can’t ever decide on which flavor so I get them all… Their flavors make you step outside your comfort zone and try something completely new. The black flavor is called Almond Charcoal, while other flavors include Unicorn Tears, and Just Beet It. (MY FAVE: Obvi the Almond Charcoal)


Oh Sweet Rose, you bring back such great memories. This spot was one of my first ice cream stops in LA when I first moved here. From the homemade brownie bites to the rich, creamy ice cream, Sweet Rose will always have a special place in my heart. The seasonal specials are always unique, from Malted Milk with Mocha Ripple to Summer Corn! Make sure to get your scoop and walk around the Brentwood Country Mart – it’s so cute on the weekends! (MY FAVE – Blueberry Muffin which is sadly only a seasonal special)Β 


This is the newest spot I’ve been hearing about and I’m not going to lie, my travel heart heard the word Wanderlust and was immediately intrigued. First of all, the shop is SO beautiful – mini world globes hold up the cones of ice cream and the aesthetic is very bright and clean. Second of all, the concept is SO cool – each flavor of ice cream is inspired by places the owners have been to or places they want to travel to. Their flavors range from Sticky Rice Mango (inspired by Thailand) to Earl Grey (inspired by London of course) to Abuelita Malted Crunch (inspired by their childhood in LA). There are also seasonal flavors that change constantly based on new travels. A definite MUST-GO for travel lovers out there. (MY FAVE: Kinder Bueno)


Another all-time fave, Van Leeuwen always hits the sweet spot. What started as an ice cream truck in the streets of New York quickly became an ice cream empire, expanding to trucks and stores in NYC and LA and selling pints in grocery stores across the nation. They pride themselves on making ice creams that are natural and fresh, using ingredients that are “perfected by nature, not science.” Their vegan scoops are also very popular with customers, so I would definitely recommend trying those flavors! (MY FAVE: Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough)


I first found this gem of an ice cream shop in Grand Central Market in DTLA, but now there are many locations (I love the Los Feliz one!). McConnell’s started as an old diary in Santa Barbara and paved its way into one of the best ice cream shops in California. The ice cream is always made from scratch and uses local, sustainable, and organic ingredients. Not to mention, they have some of the best ice cream cookie sandwiches in town (check out that stack below!). Some of the flavors you must try – Earl Grey and Short Bread Cookie, Eureka Lemon and Marionberries, and Dark Chocolate Chips and Nibs. (MY FAVE: Banana and Salted Caramel)Β 


Last but surely not least… Rori’s Artisanal Creamery creates all of the ice cream, cookies, cones, and candies from scratch so that customers can have a kick to their taste buds from the very first lick. I have to say… Rori’s has some of the creamiest, smoothest scoops in LA. Flavors include Cinnamon Toast Cereal Crunch, Malted Milk English Toffee, and Black Pepper Pistachio. Not to mention, they are home to the “ice cream taco” – aka rich flavors of ice creamed stacked inside a homemade waffle cone with your choice of toppings. Also, don’t miss out on Rori’s amazing gooey brownies, home made cookies, shakes and malts, and delicious toasted orange blossom pound cake. Everything here will hit the sweet spot. (MY FAVE: Ice cream taco with Brown Sugar Banana Ice Cream)

That’s all for now! Time to start moving around LA and try out all these scoops. Happy Eating!