A Food Guide to Park City’s Main Street

I recently returned from a trip to Park City, Utah with my brother Kole and my cousin Hudson and let me tell ya… it is definitely one of my happy places. My family and I have been skiing at Deer Valley since I could walk, and although the trips are less frequent now with school, I have to admit I still am in awe every time I’m out in the mountains. The culture, the scenery, and even the smell (my brother and I call it the “Deer Valley smell”… aka firewood burning) just puts me in this bubble of happiness and peacefulness. I decided I needed to write a city guide on one of my favorite places to be, and why not start with the food scene… Away from the mountains, the best place for shopping and dining out is Main Street. It is known for its charming shops and high-end restaurants, the perfect spot to go out after a long day of skiing. Here are 8 of my favorite restaurants on Main Street:


Shabu has gotten quite a reputation for having the best sushi in town. Go on a weekend night (or really any night) and you’ll see proof – it is always PACKED. For good reason too. Their sushi really is fresh, amazing quality and they have very unique maki rolls. I suggest the Yellow Widow, but you can’t go wrong with any choice. The fried rice is also a must-have, the perfect side dish for sushi. We devoured 3 maki rolls in a minute… yup skiing makes you hungry.



Riverhorse has always been my brother Kole’s favorite place to eat in Park City. Huge, juicy steaks are his go-to, and Riverhorse never disappoints. After all, it is the oldest and most distinguished restaurant on Main Street and even one of the top restaurants in the country. Riverhorse is a little pricier than other restaurants on Main, but it is well worth the splurge. The restaurant has a great, rustic mountain atmosphere and the food is high-quality and delicious. Bone-in ribeye, braised buffalo short ribs, and even a modern, deconstructed shrimp jambalaya. Try to save room for dessert (or don’t and go home stuffed – no shame) because their warm, gooey pastries are hard to pass up, especially the blueberry cobbler.



Riverhorse might be my brother’s favorite place to eat out on Main Street, but Wahso is mine. I’m a sucker for Asian Fusion cuisine. Wahso describes itself as a “global asian cuisine” restaurant with an art decor style that features artifacts from all over the world, making diners feel like they are in 1930s Shanghai. Pretty cool right? And let’s not forget the food. With a unique asian flair, each dish is creative and delicious. Not to miss: steamed Chinese buns, miso black cod, Korean chicken, crab stuffed salmon, and the Vietnamese coffee cake for dessert.




The newest restaurant on the block, Handle is already making a name for itself with its creative spins on classic favorites. Handle is an American cuisine restaurant with mostly small plates featuring fresh local and regional ingredients. The interior is light and lively, bringing you LA vibes to the mountains. They have crafty cocktails and a fun, fresh menu. Don’t miss the Buffalo Cauliflower. (PS- their menu changes seasonly so you always get the freshest ingredients!)


Purple Sage

My family has been going to Purple Sage since I was so little, I could only ski down the bunny hill. We come back every time we’re in Park City because the food is that good. I would describe it as western comfort food. The menu offers innovative takes on American classics, such as veal meatloaf, chicken tamale pancakes, and their fried chicken topped with chorizo country gravy. They’re also famous for their huge steaks – especially that Cowboy-style dry aged bone on rib eye. Their desserts also have that comfort food style – the huge brownie sundae and homemade ice-cream cookie sandwich brings me back to my childhood days. For classic western vibes, Purple Sage is the one.

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For those of you who need a quick-bite, Vinto is the perfect choice. It is a casual pizzeria on Main Street that offers delicious wood-fired pizzas and fresh, modern-styled Italian dishes. Think yummy paninis, salads, pizzas, and of course various pasta dishes.  All of their sauces are very fresh – my favorite is the traditional meat sauce. They also have a pizza for any taste bud – meat lovers to mushroom and goat cheese! Don’t forget to try their homemade gelato.



Another restaurant I’ve been going to since I was little, Chimayo never disappoints. Their festive, southwestern interior brings out a fun, lively atmosphere – perfect for a night out! Every local loves the signature Chimayo Margarita. Their menu has an innovative, southwestern vibe, featuring duck enchiladas, fajitas, stuffed avocados, ceviche, and Mexican flavored fish and chicken dishes. Also must-orders: their organic chicken “Nacho Style,” house-made guac, and Mexican chocolate fondue for dessert.

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Set in a charming house at the beginning of Main Street, Grappa is the perfect place for a romantic night out. It has a rustic, cozy inside, an extensive wine list, and classic, rich Italian dishes. From lobster ravioli to the best lasagne I’ve ever had (kale, mushroom, and melty provolone cheese), all the pastas on the menu will satisfy any craving. The entrees also include osso bucco, seared duck risotto, dry aged New York strip, scallops, and more.


Happy eating!

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