7 Romance Reads for February

When I think of the month of February, all I can think about are hearts, roses, and love, love, loveIt is the month of Valentine’s Day after all. I admit, I’m not a huge fan of the day, but I am a huge fan of love. Everyone deserves a little romance this month, whether it’s in the form of an intimate date, a new relationship, or even a self-bought box of chocolates (no shame people). My way of getting into the romantic spirit is reading about it… whether it’s hot and steamy or cute and charming, there is a type of romance read for everyone. And single ladies like me… skip trying to find a date for Valentine’s Day… these fictional characters will do just fine. Pick up one of these 7 Romance Reads for February and your heart will be fulfilled during the month of love:

Paris Lights by C.J Duggan


C.J. Duggan’s new adult romance series Heart of the City is one of my favorites. Each book is a standalone novel and features a romance story in a different, exciting city (Paris, New York, and London are the ones out now). Paris Lights is the first book in the series and follows twenty-five-year-old Claire Shorten as she spends a romantic weekend in Paris with her boyfriend…or so she thinks, until he dumps her in the City of Lights and she is left alone and confused. Instead of returning home and drowning herself in tears, Claire finds a job in a kitchen of a small hotel. When the high-powered business tycoon Louis Delarue comes to the hotel for lunch, Claire somehow manages to impress the gorgeous millionaire and his business luncheon from hell. However, Claire isn’t off the hook that easily… Louis can’t seem to stay away from the small hotel and comes back for a second course…

For Finlay by J. Nathan


After the loss of her twin brother, Finlay Thatcher feels lost, alone, and guilt-ridden. When an opportunity comes up to work for the Alabama football coach, Finlay decides to take it, knowing it was always her brother’s dream to play football for Alabama. However, on the first day Finlay faces her first obstacle…Caden Brooks, the star quarterback and ultimate playboy. Caden seems to have it all: the attention from fans, a devoted girlfriend, a future in the pros… and Finlay instantly hates him, keeping him at arm’s length. Unfortunately for Finlay, Caden loves a challenge, except this challenge comes with a secret that could destroy everything for Finlay.

The Do-Over by Julie A. Richman


Good timing is important when it comes to finding true love. Tara has experienced this firsthand…She has run into hot business exec Wes Bergman many times – mingling at the same parties, attending the same events – but she hasn’t actually met him. Until they both board the same cruise ship in the Caribbean, and it’s like they had known each other their whole lives. Except Wes had a girlfriend, so when their week on the cruise ship was up, Wes and Tara go their separate ways, leaving each other a piece of their heart. Flash forward ten years, Tara finds herself newly divorced and trying to figure out a whole new world of dating… what is swipe left and swipe right!? After almost giving up on dating apps, Tara decides to hook up with a guy she met online. Turns out that same guy works for the new client of Tara’s company…. and that client’s CEO just so happens to be Wes Bergman. Could this be Tara’s do-over with Wes?

Egomaniac by Vi Keeland


New York Times Bestselling author Vi Keeland delivers yet again a new sexy romance. The night Emerie first met Drew, she thought he was breaking into her new Park Avenue Office. Attempting to attack him with her fancy new self-defense skills, Emerie was shocked to see Drew just standing there, chuckling with amusement. Of course her intruder had to be arrogant too. Except that Drew wasn’t really an intruder; he was the actual occupant of Emerie’s “new” office. Turns out she got scammed into thinking the office was available for lease when Drew was on vacation, only to be out of ten grand and a fabulous work space. Instead of trying to find a new place, Emerie takes up an offer that is too good to pass up… Drew allows her to stay in his office as long as she answers his phones while his secretary is out. As two opposites try to share the same work space – one an arrogant, gorgeous, divorce attorney and the other a caring, confident marriage counselor –  they start to realize they do have one thing in common: an unexplainable attraction to each other that becomes harder and harder to resist…

Stay by Jennifer Sucevic


Trust me, you’ll want to read this one. Cassidy Jameson had a rough freshman year of college. Instead of focusing on class and her sport, she ended up cracking under the pressure and letting her anxiety take control. Losing everything important to her, Cassidy knew she had to start over at a new university, away from her past failures. New year, new Cassidy, and this time she is only focusing on her academics… and also hanging out with her childhood bestie and roommate Brooklyn. When Brooklyn brings Cassidy to a party one night, Cassidy’s promise to stay away from her former lifestyle is challenged when she meets gorgeous hockey player Cole Matthews. With dark, messy hair, golden eyes, and a muscular body, Cole is hard to stay away from… and he isn’t getting the hint that Cassidy is not interested. Not to mention, Cole is also easy-going and nice… something that makes him almost impossible to resist. Cassidy will need all her will power to stay away from charming Cole…

Being Brooke by Emma Hart

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After reading this witty, hilarious tale written by one of my favorite authors Emma Hart, you will be dreaming of being Brooke yourself.  Brooke is a walking disaster… college drop-out? Check. Has a dead-end job? Check. Non-existent boyfriend? Check. Completely and madly in love with her best friend, Cain Elliot? Check. Check. Check. The problem? Cain is in a serious relationship with a girl who looks like real-life Barbie and he is also Brooke’s best friend. The friend who runs to the store when she’s out of tampons. The friend who watches Harry Potter marathons with her on weekends. And that is all he can ever be, right? Right… A laugh-out-loud romantic comedy you must read for February.

I See London by Chanel Cleeton


Because who doesn’t want to daydream about a romance abroad in London? Maggie Carpenter is ready for a change and to leave her small-town life behind. So when she accepts a scholarship to the International School in London, Maggie knows she is on the right track. When Maggie meets Hugh, a sexy 20-year-old British guy, she finds herself in a life she has always dreamed of. Hugh drives a Ferrari, buys Maggie expensive designer clothes, and gets her into the hottest parties. Everything should be perfect… except that Maggie can’t seem to get her mind off another guy… Meet half French, half Lebanese, and fully wealthy Samir Khouri. Samir has made it clear he doesn’t do relationships, except he can’t seem to resist Maggie. Maggie never thought she’d be falling for a guy like Samir, the total opposite of her dream guy. In the city of London, Maggie must figure out which one is her happy ending… her dream guy or the one who haunts her dreams.

Happy reading! Spread love. xoxo

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