Your Fall Reading List 2016

The season of fall is all about sweater weather. You know, that perfect cool temperature that makes you want to curl up by the fire, sip hot chocolate, and get lost in a good book.  It’s time to set up your chair by the fireplace and start heating up that rich hot chocolate, because I’ve got you covered when it comes to picking your next fall read. From psychological thrillers to historical fictions to sexy romances, these 10 novels will leave you curled up by the fire for hours, getting lost in the imaginary worlds of fiction. Here is my Fall Reading List 2016:

The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena


With gasping twists, page-flipping suspension, and chilling fear, it is no wonder psychological thrillers are flying off the shelves faster than Rihanna’s new Fenty Puma collection. Meet your next favorite thriller after Girl on the Train: Lapeña’s The Couple Next Door. The novel follows a happy young couple, who after hearing about an unsettling crime that happens in the house next door, begins to question their so called “friendly” neighbors.  A rollercoaster type of narrative with the genre’s classic twist and turns, The Couple Next Door will keep you up at night, questioning what really goes on behind your neighbor’s closed doors.

Charge by E.L. Todd


If you keep up with my reading lists, you should know by now how much I love new adult romance. It’s addictive, what can I say… who wouldn’t fall for the romantic storylines, sexy heroes and beloved heroines? If you love this genre, then your next read should definitely be Charge. The first novel in Todd’s new Electric Series, it only makes sense that this novel will leave you charged with love and excitement. The story focuses on the classic unattainable bad boy, but with a volt of new twists. When two people who are electrified by each other try to be “just friends”…well you know the drill by now…

Paris for One & Other Stories by JoJo Moyes


Does the name JoJo Moyes ring a bell? It certainly should… Her novel Me Before You has been on the bestseller list for weeks and her beloved story has also taken the Hollywood big screens around the world. She is a romance household name. That is why I was so excited when I heard the words JoJo Moyes and Paris in the same sentence… If anyone should write about the city of love, JoJo Moyes definitely comes to mind. Combining love, travel, and self-discovery, Paris for One & Other Stories focuses on Nell as she turns her romantic getaway into a trip for one, discovering a new side of her she never knew existed. When Nell’s boyfriend stands her up in Paris, instead of hiding in her room crying over The Notebook, she decides to take advantage of the opportunity and explore the City of Lights by herself. The weekend quickly turns into the most adventurous time of her life. This book doesn’t just stop with the title novella… Moyes includes eight other short stories to fall in love with. A romantic collection you’ll be swooning over.

Roman Crazy by Alice Clayton and Nina Bocci


Combine Alice Clayton’s sexy characters with Nina Bocci’s ideal romance scenes and you get the dream team of new adult romance.  The first novel in their series Broads Abroad, Roman Crazy is set, yep you guessed it, in Rome. Avery needs a fresh new start… away from her soon-to-be-ex husband and the drama back home. So she decides to spend the summer in Rome with her best friend. However, Avery hasn’t fully escaped her past in the Italian capital… On her first night she runs into the man of her past… Marcello… aka the one that got away. When her past starts to collide with her present, Avery must make important choices and decide what is best for her future. Read my interview with Alice Clayton and Nina Bocci on their inspiration behind their new novel and series here!

The Kept Woman by Karin Slaughter


With a last name like Slaughter… you know author Karin Slaughter knows how to write bone-chilling horror thrillers. The Kept Woman is no exception… When FBI Will Trent is brought in to solve the mystery of a brutal murder at a construction site, the investigation takes a dangerous turn. Studying the body, Will realizes the extensive amount of blood loss didn’t come from the corpse. The bloody footprints nearby suggest there is another victim, who will die soon if not found. Will’s past begins to haunt his present as he gets closer and closer to the truth. You won’t guess the ending to this one.

The Fix Up by Kendall Ryan


Kendall Ryan is known for her popular Hitched series, and now she delivers a new spin-off novel The Fix Up. Meet your next fictional crush… Sterling Quinn, the confident British bad boy. Camryn and Sterling have always been close friends, but lately Camryn has been noticing Sterling’s been giving her that look… you know, the look that means potentially ruining a friendship. When they start working together, that look escalates to full-on sexual tension enough to light the building on fire. As the line between business and pleasure begins to blur, Camryn must make a decision: either trust Sterling and follow her heart or keep a level-head and focus on her career and their friendship. The heroine’s sarcasm and wit will make you laugh out loud, while the sexy British playboy will definitely have you daydreaming of your own romantic spin-off.

Dear Mr. M by Herman Koch


If you have read his last novel – The Dinner – you know Herman Koch is a master at building suspense throughout his narrative. Dear Mr. M is another one of Koch’s classic hair-raising thrillers, and you will not be disappointed by this one. Dear Mr. M is a metafictional mystery following the life of famous writer Mr. M., whose international success started with his bestselling novel based on a real-life, unsolved disappearance of a history teacher. Years later, Mr. M.’s successful writing career is slowly dwindling away into obscurity, or so he thinks… His peculiar, nervous neighbor has been keeping a close eye on him lately… but the question is why?  Mr. M.’s novel, supposedly a fictional story, seems to have come to life… intertwining a mix of mysterious characters and thrilling storylines. Be prepared for jaw-dropping twists.

Mischling by Affinity Konar


Calling all historical fiction lovers, this one is for you. It’s 1944 and twin sisters Pearl and Stasha have just arrived at Auschwitz with their mother and grandfather. As twins, Pearl and Stasha are part of the camp’s horrific experiments called Mengele’s Zoo, where they find themselves completely stripped of their identities and the fun-loving personalities they once had. Burdened by pain, guilt, and fear, the sisters try to find comfort in each other, that is until Pearl disappears one night and leaves Stasha alone to face the horrors within the camp. Once the camp is liberated by the Red Army, Stasha goes on a quest to find her sister Pearl and discover what the world has become. A story of the past, the present, and the future, Mischling is a must-read novel about the horrors of the Nazi camp experiments, the power of sisterly love, and the quest to find peace in the future.

I’ll Tell You In Person by Chloe Caldwell


I’m only one quarter away from graduating college, so it’s only natural that I start thinking about the future after school… aka adulthood. When I heard about this book, I knew it was a must-read for me. Essays on finding the right job, failing at love, getting addicted (or un-addicted) to people, food, and drugs, Caldwell’s I’ll Tell You In Person is an honest and witty account of her attempts at adulthood and all the realistic ways to get there. You will find yourself laughing at her own anecdotes, but also learning from the insights behind her own experiences.

Cooking for Picasso by Camille Aubray


Fans of Paula McLain’s The Paris Wife (my favorite) will fall in love with Cooking for PicassoSimilar to The Paris Wife, Aubray’s novel gives you insight into one of the 1920’s most famous artists. Yes, you guessed it – Pablo Picasso. The narrative starts out in the French Riviera in 1936, where seventeen-year-old Ondine helps her mother cook in their family-owned Café Paradis. One day, an unusual new customer enters the cafe. Traveling from Paris under a different name, the mysterious newcomer makes a strange request – to have Ondine and her mother cook for him at his secret villa, where he can remain incognito. While becoming his personal chef, Ondine learns not only about Picasso’s life, but also about her own. Jump to present day New York: Celine, a celebrity makeup artist, learns from her mother that her grandmother Ondine once cooked for Picasso. Intrigued to learn more, Celine embarks on a journey to France where Ondine and Picasso first met. There, she discovers the truth about her family, art, culture, cuisine, and true love that changes her future forever.  For anyone who yearns to learn more about Picasso, the 1920’s in France, art, and cuisine, I highly recommend Cooking for Picasso as your fall read.

So time to pick your book, curl up by the fire with a cup of coffee, and get lost in an imaginary world.

Happy reading!


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