My Bookshelf: Mysteries for the Month

Ever since I was little, I have always loved a good mystery book. I had rows and rows of Nancy Drew books in my room. You can say I was a little obsessed… but I loved trying to figure out the mysteries and clues. Today, I still love mystery books (and still have all of the Nancy Drew books…shhh.) So this month, I decided to feature some of my recent favorite mystery novels. You will not be able to put these down…

1. GONE GIRL by Gillian Flynn

gone girl

I saw this book all over blogs and bookstores; it is very popular right now and for good reason. This book is a page turner… One warm sunny morning in Missouri, the happy couple of Nick and Amy Dunne are planning their fifth wedding anniversary. That is, until beautiful and smart Amy suddenly disappears. The town, the media, and Amy’s parents quickly turn their suspicions to Nick, demanding answers. Nick is the town’s golden boy, never doing anything wrong. However, it doesn’t help he has been having nightmares about Amy and Amy’s diary reveals passages that could put anyone dangerously on edge.. Through endless lies and deceit, Nick becomes bitter… but is he actually the killer?

2. DEFENDING JACOB by William Landay


This book will definitely make you question how far one should go to protect their family. Andy Barber, a district attorney in suburban Massachusetts, lives a good, honest life: respected by the community, good at his job, and happy at home with his wife and son, Jacob. However, all of this shatters when a shocking murder hits the New England town and the one who is charged is Andy’s 14 year old son, Jacob. His fatherly instincts drive him to side with his son and protect him at all costs. However, Andy finds his loyalty to his family begin to crumble as shocking facts surface about his son and the crime committed. Should Andy do what is right and betray his family, or put his family first and hide the truth? This book will definitely make you question so many things: loyalty, justice, betrayal naming just a few.


This one was recommended to me on Goodreads. Healey’s debut novel is a captivating psychological mystery that focuses on memory, aging, and identity. Maud, an aging grandmother slowly losing her memory, refuses to let go of the memory of her best friend, Elizabeth. She believes Elizabeth is still alive, but missing and in great danger. However, no one will listen to Maud- not her daughter, Elizabeth’s son Peter, the police, or any of her caretakers. They all claim she is crazy and is just losing her memory. Maud refuses to listen to these people’s opinions and decides to discover the truth. The more clues Maud stumbles upon about Elizabeth, the more she uncovers about her past, which includes the disappearance of her sister shortly after World War II. Maud begins to notice that maybe her sister’s disappearance could be connected to her best friend’s… she decides she will do whatever it takes to uncover what really happened to the people she loves.

4. THE DINNER by Herman Koch

the dinner

Herman Koch is one of my favorite mystery writers. In arguably his most popular novel, The Dinner focuses on two couples who meet at a trendy restaurant in Amsterdam. Between bites of delicious food, the couples remain in a gentle, polite conversation – talking about work, holidays, and friends. However each bite of food and each empty word of meaningless conversation only hides a terrible secret. Each couple has a 15 year old son. Together, the boys have committed a horrifying crime, caught on camera, and their blurry images have been displayed on televisions across the country. Throughout the crazy police hunt, the boys have remained unidentified- by everyone except their parents. As conversation hits a standstill in the restaurant, the couples move on to talk about their kids. As common courtesy and friendship diminish, each couple must show how far they will go to protect the ones they love…

5. THE SECRET PLACE by Tana French


The Secret Place, as girls from the boarding school call it, is a place where students can pin up their deepest secrets anonymously through pictures and notes. Normally a place for harmless gossip, the Secret Place just turned into a main investigation site for the unsolved murder of handsome Chris Harper. With only a picture of a boy who was found murdered a year ago on the floor of a girl’s boarding school and the words “I KNOW WHO KILLED HIM” scribbled across it, detective Stephen Morgan has been waiting for his chance to uncover this mystery. All the clues lead back to this clique of girls who were all involved with popular Chris Harper. As detective Morgan gets deeper into the case, he uncovers truths that families would do anything to keep secret in order to protect their daughters…This is a haunting story about loyalty, friendship, and deceit.

Let me know what mystery novel is your favorite!