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    My Fall 2017 Playlist

    Welcome to the first day of FALL – my favorite time of year. I always, always, always make sure to fly back home to Chicago so I can enjoy fall the…

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    Your July Reading List 2017

    Hello July! I can’t believe how fast the summer seems to fly by… from graduating college (AH!) to moving apartments, I haven’t had a minute to sit back and catch up…

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    Coachella 2017: Photo Diary

    Hello and welcome back! I am still in a Coachella daze (yes I went to weekend one so yes it has been three weeks since Coachella but whatever….ok). With the carefree vibes, amazing…

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    #OutfitDiary: Soho Style 3.21.17

    After finishing up my last final exams of college (*faints*) I jetted off to New York City for both work and celebration. Walking around the city all day after a forecast…

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    7 Romance Reads for February

    When I think of the month of February, all I can think about are hearts, roses, and love, love, love. It is the month of Valentine’s Day after all. I admit, I’m not a…

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    #Tunesday: New Year, New Music

    January hits and all you seem to hear is: “New Year, New Me!” Cue the eye roll… Instead of trying to change yourself into a “New You,” how about deleting the…